What I do: I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, practicing massage and energy work modalities ranging from Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Eden Energy Medicine, as well as adjuncts such as Flower Essences. 

What I really do: Hold space in which to be present with each other, allow for stillness, invite love and acceptance as a prelude to change. I listen to your body and honor what I hear. 

What you do: Show up. Be present. Breathe. Courageously go where you need to go in order to change and grow.

Spend some time with your body today.


I am conveniently located in the Newberg Natural Health Center

1821 Haworth Ave, Newberg, OR  97132

This is right across from the Aquatic Center. 

For more information, please call me at 


Pam Wittenburg BSN, LMT, EEMCP

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